Welcome to the 45th Episode of The Two Tankers and a cat podcast!  In this episode we talk about the French ARL 44.  The ARL 44 was a French heavy tank, the development of which started just before the end of the Second World War. Only sixty of these tanks were ever completed, from 1949 to 1953.  In our second point in this episode we talk about how the French Army used the German Panther tanks and why they decided to used them at the tail end of World War II.  Keep the great messages and questions coming in to our social media sites.  Don't forget we will be giving away a AFV #3 booklet that profiles Mark I to V World War I Tanks.  The booklet was published in England.  Check out this episode of our podcast to find out how you can win it.

Happy Tanking And Have A Great Week!

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