Welcome to the 27th Episode of The Two Tankers and A Cat Podcast!  In this episode we talk about an Italian Self-Propelled Gun (SPG) or a tank destroyer for short.  The Italian Semovente L40 DA 47/32 (what a mouthful) was a SPG used in World War II by the Italians, along with their little tankettes.  We talk about whether this SPG design was a success or not.  We also cover Operation Uranus and Operation Saturn during War II.  Don't forget to visit our website at:  www.twotankersandcat.com  Please please please visit our Patreon page at:  https://www.patreon.com/twotankersandcat and help support our podcast today!  As always, Happy Tanking and have a great week!

Russel & Charley

Welcome to the 26th Episode of The Two Tankers And A Cat Podcast!  We talk about a variety of armor in this episode of our podcast.  We start off talking about the two man Ford 3 Ton Tank and how the French just wanted a few of them to use as a tractor.  We end this episode talking about how technology may influence the future of tanks.  The U.S. and Soviet Union are both working towards perfecting what we call drone tanks.  Is this the future of tanking?  We want to know what our listeners think about this topic!  You can always contact us at twotankersandcat@gmail.com or checkout out website at www.twotankersandcat.com  Happy Tanking and until next time have a great week!

While the M6A2E1's design was rejected for use in combat, it was still important to the development of the T29 tank. Due to the use of existing unused T1E1s for a hull, they were able to have a tank ready that could test design choices for the upcoming T29 tank. When the tank was finished with turret design, it would find usage testing out the T5 105mm gun as well as gun mounting aspects with lessons learned from this being implemented in the T29 program.  Remember you can always contact us with your questions, concerns or suggestions for future shows.  Until next time, happy tanking and have a great week!

Welcome to the 24th Episode of The Two Tankers and A Cat Podcast!  In this episode we talk about the M7 Priest Self Propelled Gun (SPG).  We also talk about how a listener of the podcast from New Zealand brought to our attention the Bob Semple tank and how it is a taller tank than the M3 Lee.  Up until this episode, we always talked about how the M3 Lee was the tallest tank we had covered in the podcast.  Check out this episode to see just how much taller the Bob Semple tank actually was!  Until next time happy tanking and have a great day!  Charley and Russel

     Welcome to the 23rd Episode of The Two Tankers and A Cat Podcast!  The M8 Greyhound served with the cavalry reconnaissance troops, with the role of being the eyes and ears of the battalion using its long-range radio set.  We talk about how successful the M8 was during World War II.  Also give this episode a listen to see how an M8 went up against a Tiger II in World War II, and hear about the results of this skirmish!  Happy Tanking, and until next time have a great day! 

     Welcome to Episode #22 of The Two Tankers and A Cat Podcast!  In this episode Charley and I talk about the Tiger 712 tank and its history during World War II.  We also talk a lot about saving the pieces of armor that are currently in the United States and ways we can help preserve some of these pieces of our American Heritage!  There is a fundraiser underway that will help preserve the Tiger 712, so future generations will be able to study this beast.  Happy tanking, and have a great week!

     Welcome to the 21st episode of The Two Tankers and A Cat Podcast!  This episode was suggested by one of our Patreon supporters, Andy Crowe.  Andy requested that we do an episode on the British Comet tank.  In this episode we cover the specifications of the Comet tank and talk about an incident in World War II where a Comet tank took out a German Tiger tank.  If you have any suggestions for future episodes, you can contact us through email at twotankersandcat@gmail.com or on our website at www.twotankersandcat.com  If you would like to further support our podcast, please checkout our Patreon page at  https://www.patreon.com/twotankersandcat  Happy tanking, and have a great week!


     Welcome to Episode #20 of The Two Tankers and a Cat Podcast!  Charley and I talk about the German Panther tanks during World War II and some of the production problems they had with these tanks.  We also talk about the Battle of MacieJow during World War II between the Soviets and Germany.  If you have any comments or future show suggestions please contact us at twotankersandcat@gmail.com  If you want to support our podcast, you can do so by visiting our Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/twotankersandcat  Happy Tanking and as always, have a great week!



     Welcome to The Two Tankers and a Cat Podcast Episode #19!  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a Tankette as simply "a small military tank".  In this episode we talk about the many different tankettes that were manufactured throughout the World by many different countries.  Tankettes started with the British designing the Carden-Loyd tankette which became very popular between World War I and World War II.  Did you know that Japan had a tankette that was designed to be operated on railroad tracks and also use its regular tracks on land!  Make sure you listen to this entire episode, and you will hear how big of a pain our mascot, Lightning the cat, can be sometimes :)  Until next time, Happy Tanking and have a great week! 





     In Episode #18 of The Two Tankers and a Cat Podcast we talk about the South African Olifant Mk1A main battle tank.  The Olifant takes its Afrikaans name from the African Elephant.  The Olifant was an important part of the South African border wars between South Africa, Zambia and Angola during the mid-1980's.  We talk about several major battles in this region of Africa and how tanks were a large part of those battles.  Don't forget that we want your comments, and you can contact us at twotankersandcat@gmail.com  Our website is www.twotankersandcat.com  Happy tanking, and have a great week!

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