Welcome to the 41st Episode of The Two Tankers And  A Cat Podcast!  The K2 Black Panther is a next generation South Korean main battle tank designed by the South Korean Agency for Defense Development and manufactured by Hyundai Rotem. Developed as a modern main battle tank that will replace most of the remaining M48 Patton tanks and complement the K1 series of main battle tanks currently fielded by the South Korean military.  The P'okp'ung-ho or spelled Pokpung-ho is a North Korean main battle tank developed in the 1990's. The tank may incorporate technology found in the T-62, T-72, and Ch'onma-ho MBTs. Outside parties code name the tank M-2002 because the tank went through performance trials on February 16, 2002, although the tank may have been in existence since 1992.  We want to hear all of your suggestions and comments at twotankersandcat@gmail.com

Happy Tanking And Have A Great Day!

Charlie And Russel

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