Welcome to the 37th Episode of The Two Tankers And a Cat Podcast!  The mittlere Schützenpanzerwagen (Sd Kfz 251/1) was designed to transport Panzer-Grenadiere (armored infantry) into battle alongside tanks. Using a half-tracked vehicle, it was possible to drive in terrain where trucks could not go, while its armor offered some protection against small arms fire and scrapnel.

It was allowed for the mittlere Schützenpanzerwagen to attack with the Panzer-Grenadiere mounted, but did so at great risk. Anti-tank guns, mortars, artillery, hand grenades, fighter-bombers, etc. were all a serious risk for the lightly-armored, open-topped vehicles.  As always you can contact us with your comments or suggestions at twotankersandcat@gmail.com  Check out our website at www.twotankersandcat.com

Happy Tanking and Have A Great Week!

Russel & Charlie

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