Welcome to Episode #15 of The Two Tankers and a Cat Podcast!  What do the JS-2, IS-2 and Joseph Stalin 2 all have in common?  Join us for this episode of our Podcast to learn more about this popular Soviet Union tank during World War II.  We also talk about the involvement of the IS-2 in the Battle of Berlin during World War II.  Make sure you check out another great history lesson covering this Soviet Union powerful tank!  Also don't forget to checkout our new Patreon page at:  https://www.patreon.com/twotankersandcat  If you are able to give us a little support through our new Patreon page, it would be very much appreciated!  Keep all the positive comments coming into the Podcast, and thanks to the many fans who have responded by telling us so!  Happy Tanking and have a great day!

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