Welcome to our second episode of Two Tankers and A Cat!  Since Halloween is the day after this episode of our podcast was released, we decided to stay with a Halloween theme.  Believe it or not, we did come up with a couple of different topics about tanks that fit the Halloween theme.  Did you know that during World War II we had a branch of the military called the "Ghost Army"?  Also, did you know that there was a comic book called "The Haunted Tank"?  Many moons ago, my co-host Charley told me about how he used to read this comic book when he was a much younger kid!  We will also delve into introducing the computer game that Charley and I both play, called "The World Of Tanks".  If you ever want to platoon with us sometime in game, you can just message us through our Two Tankers and A Cat Facebook page.  Happy Halloween folks, and remember to leave the trick or treating to the little kids!

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