Welcome to the 46th Episode of The Two Tankers and A Cat Podcast!  The M18 Hellcat was an American tank destroyer of World War II, also used in the Korean War.  It was the fastest U.S. armored fighting vehicle on the road.  Listen to this episode to hear us talk about the concept of shoot and scoot!  The second point we talk about in this episode is Operation Tractable!  Oh yeah, Charlie learns there are no dingoes in New Zealand :)  Tune in to this episode to learn about some great tank history.  If you have any questions or comments make sure you shoot us a message on our Facebook page or at our email address:  twotankersandcat@gmail.com  If you would like to support our podcast monetarily, check out our Patreon Page, https://www.patreon.com/twotankersandcat  

As Always, Happy Tanking and Have A Great Week!

Russel & Charlie

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